Image of 1 track master (£20, $31)

1 track master (£20, $31)


PAYMENT: Please pay via PayPal (PayPal also lets you pay by card.) If you are paying in another currency the amount will be automatically converted upon checkout. To check prices simply use an online currency converter (google has one.)

For £20 ($31 US dollars) you will receive a professional standard master of your song of any genre. Song length may be up to 10 minutes, if your track is longer than that please select the 'track longer than 10 minutes' option.

Turnaround is usually 1-2 days, we will email you if we expect this to be longer (in most cases it won't be.)


SHIPPING: Please select 'United Kingdom' if you wish your track(s) to be sent digitally to you. They will be emailed to you in uncompressed .WAV & 328 kbps MP3 format.

If you would like a burned audio CD of your track(s) posted to you, please select the 'Everywhere Else' option. There is a flat rate shipping fee of £3.00